Pilot & Air Hostess Salary Per Month in India 2019-20

By | July 20, 2019

Pilot & Air Hostess Salary Per Month in India 2019-20: Guys, as we all know that the India is an emerging country and most of its sector are developed, this is all possible because most of the sector are heavily recruited and all the employees are doing there work with great enthusiasm and make the workflow easy. Many of the sector are still in the developing phase. Like the aviation sector. Nowadays the youngsters are planning to join the air industries and many industries are also set up, so that people can get groomed for this job. Sector like Cabin crew, Flight attendant, pilot are now becoming more and more advanced and are taking admission so that people can give their services.

Air Hostess & Pilot Salary

Air Hostess Salary Per Month 2019-20 | Airline Pilot in India

The employees of Cabin crew are employed by different airlines to provide comfort and security to the passengers aboard commercial flights, on select business jet aircraft. This industry was first set up in Germany in the year 1912 and later on it become one of the most benefit sector for many country not as economically but it also increase the living standard of the people. This sector is also enhancing the employment rate of the country by providing more and more jobs to the youngsters. We are here providing you the information regarding to the salary and the various perks which are enjoyed by the people serving in this sector. This is a private sector and they have lot of benefits to. They received lots of various incentives which are mentioned below.

Air Hostess Salary Per Month in Air India, Indigo, Go Air, Spice Jet

Earlier the women are not allowed to works in any of the sector but with the introduction of Cabin Crew women are allowed to work in this sector. You can say that Cabin Crew is the perfect example for the Women Empowerment. The who works and an Air Hostess knows its perks. At first they enjoy the salary and they got to roam around the world. And their expenses are paid and there are many other benefits which allow female to choose Air Hostess as their first choice of career. We like to tell you that the work of Air Hostess is not easy, they need to work hard and while working continuous shifts on plane it is difficult to match the conditions as on land and in the plane various factor are different from each other.

Unlike monopoly, Airline industry do not have monopoly. Here, there are many private sector who launched their Airlines. The salary varies as International and National. In international Airlines Air hostess can earn a starting salary of Rs. 40,000 ranging to Rs. 1,00,000 as per the company.

There are Various industries which provide there services to the Air Sector of India. Check the table below to know the Per month Salary rate of Air Hostess in India by different companies:

Indian Air Hostess Salary in India, Cabin Crew Pay & Allowance
CompanyMonthly Salary
Spice JetRs. 35,500
Air IndiaRs. 42,750
Vistara AirlineRs. 30,050
Air IndiGoRs. 33,750
Jet AirwaysRs. 36,455
Go AirRs. 31,175
Jagson AirlinesRs. 28,450

Merchant Navy Officer Salary

This is the salary which is enjoyed by the Air hostess in different Airlines which are currently present in the Country. We like to tell you that the international flight salaries may differ from this.

If you are working in the domestic Airlines than you need to work for 2 to 3 years to get promoted to the international flights. At first domestic Airlines the employees get the salary of Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000. When you are promoted to senior Air Hostess you get the salary of Rs. 2 to 3 Lacs.

Incentives for Air Hostess In India

The various incentives of Air Hostess are:

  • They get concession in the travels for themselves and the family as well which includes Tickets, various rentals, accommodation and cruises,
  • Benefits of Life Insurance.
  • 13 to 17 days of leaves per month.
  • Retirement benefits.
  • Health Insurance
  • Added benefits of being a high profile parties.

Eligibility criteria for Air Hostess

To be an Air Hostess a candidates must have following qualification

  • She must have a completed her schooling education and graduation from any of the recognized university of the country.
  • The age limit of a candidates must be 19 years to 27 years.
  • Minimum height should be 155 cm
  • Only unmarried and fair complexioned aspirants are eligible.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Swimming Skills

Airline Pilot Salary in India Per Month 2019-20

A pilot is an officer whose main job is to control the flights in the air and make sure that the passengers lands safely. Basically providing an comforting flight experience to the passengers is his main job. The job of a pilot is not easy but he surely enjoys  so much benefit also. His salary is great and incentives are also good. Check the salary and the incentives received by a pilot in Indian in the article below:

Airline Pilot Salary in Air India Jet Airways Indigo Spicejet
CompanyMonthly Salary
Air IndiaRs. 1,41,000 to 3,04,000
Jet AirwaysRs. 3,43,000 to 3,66,000
IndigoRs. 3,13,000 to 1,43,000
Spice JetRs. 1,75,000 to 1,92,000

Offline File for Air Hostess And Pilot Salary Details : Download Now

Eligibility Criteria for Airlines Pilot

Check the eligibility criteria for a pilot in the article given below:

  • You must have a completed her schooling education and graduation from any of the recognized university of the country.
  • With at least 50% of marks in P.C.M.
  • The minimum age limit is 20 years
  • Physical Fitness
  • Decision Making
  • Good Communication Skill.

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